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Welcome to MedCare Drug Mart

We make getting your medications easier. We take all major insurance plans, offer competitive dispensary fees, and provide easy to read labels for all prescriptions.

We also allow physicians to send your prescriptions directly to us, so you never have to worry about losing your prescription! Additionally, we advise you of your prescription renewals. You will never run out of your medications again!

We also offer compliance packages also known as blister packages. Blister packed by date and time, so no more second guessing yourself on whether or not you took your medication! Plus, it is much more convenient to travel with!

Our Services

Medication Reviews

Our pharmacists are highly educated and have an extensive knowledge of the prescriptions they are providing to you. We will help evaluate the efficacy of your medications based on your particular needs and any ilnesses/conditions you have in order to help you find the drug treatments that can best suit your needs.

Healthcare-Related Advice

Looking for confidential, helpful, and informative healthcare-related advice? Then look no further than MedCare Drug Mart! We put our patients first and hope to guide them towards more educated decisions in order to help them feel confident in their own health.

Prescription Transfers

At MedCare Drug Mart, we make transferring your prescriptions as simple and stress free as possible! There’s no hassle involved. Ask the friendly and helpful pharmacists at one of our various locations to help you transfer your medication to your local MedCare Drug Mart today.

Medical Waste Disposal

It is important that your medical waste is disposed of properly. Do NOT put things like biomedical waste, sharps, etc. in with your regular garbage. Bring them to us and we will dispose of them safely and correctly.

Home Healthcare Products

Whether it’s a headache or chronic back pain, we have you covered. Ask your pharmacist about common over the counter pain medications, heat and cold pads, and acupuncture; and if they would be appropriate for your pain.

Medication Delivery

Having a baby or breastfeeding and wondering what medications are safe for the baby and you? We understand that pregnancy is not a disease, but it does require some changes to aide in having a healthy baby. Ask you pharmacist about pregnancy safe and breastfeeding safe medications.

About Us

MedCare Pharmacy, a component of MedCare Health System, are independently operated by Pharmacists who believe in putting you first. Our team works tirelessly with you to help you take control of your medical needs, instead of just following directions on the bottle. We provide each patient with a personal experience that is tailored towards their medical needs, and there is no limit to the time and attention our team will spend with you to ensure that you understand your healthcare needs. We believe in holistic medicine and have a variety of vitamins and minerals available for purchase as well.

Our commitment to your health is our #1 priority and sets us apart from other pharmacies. We pride ourselves in our engagement within the local community, since we understand that the relationships we make help us better understand our customers.

Like your family, we want your health to be at its best, and will do what we can to get it there. Come be a part of our family. Let us take care of you!

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